As mothers day approaches I desperately wish I could write my mom a beautiful letter, send her a personalized hand written card and mail it to her so she knows how much I appreciate her.  But I can’t do that this year because she passed away last June.  I miss her deeply with each passing day.

Hand Written Cards and Thank you Notes

As far back as I can remember, my mom took time to send birthday, anniversary, holiday cards to all of her friends and family.  She also had beautiful cursive writing and took pride in her penmanship.  She always told me how important it was to write letters and hand written cards to those she cared for.  It could brighten the darkest of days, bring a smile to anyone’s face and touch the heart of the coldest soul.  There is just nothing quite like getting a hand written card in the mail.  It makes the receiver feel special, feel remembered and feel gratitude for the sender taking the time to show they care.

From childhood, my mom would sit me down on holidays and special occasions to help me write letters to friends and family.  It was a big deal in our household.  I continued the tradition pretty consistently through high school, college and even the first few years after I graduated.  But as life got busier for me, I began to fall away from the practice of writing letters and sending hand written cards to people I loved.  Within ten years I’d all but abandoned it altogether.  And I wasn’t alone.  I began to notice that I got fewer and fewer hand written cards and letters from others too.  And as social media grew and grew, it seemed everything became virtual, even sending birthday wishes via email or social media or e-cards to people.

Social Posts & Emails Just Aren’t as Meaningful

And while there is nothing wrong with sending a happy birthday shout out via Facebook or Instagram, or sending a Merry Christmas e-card, it simply isn’t the same as opening your mailbox and seeing a hand written card from Aunt Anne.  There is a special joy in getting hand written cards and letters and also a certain satisfaction from sending them.  And the same goes for correspondence from non-profit organizations when you make a donation to a cause that is near and dear to your heart.  It’s so much more meaningful and personal to get a hand written thank you letter vs a thank you email or printed generic thank you letter from the charity you support.

Since my mother’s passing, I’ve been reminded of all the lessons she taught me, the things she instilled in me.  I’d give anything to be able to sit down with pen and paper and write her a beautiful, heartfelt Mother’s day letter. And while I can no longer write her letters she can enjoy receiving in the mail, I have revived that beautiful tradition to brings smiles to the faces of all the other people in my life that I want to celebrate.

Online Services Focused on Helping Personalize Your Message

And while I’ve been newly inspired to personalize my notes and letters and cards, I still lack the free time to do that for everyone in my life.  That’s why I’m excited about and grateful for services offered from sites like postable where I can pick out a beautiful card, type my message and have it hand written and sent to my recipient.  There are some other great sites with similar offerings focused on making it simple and easy for you to select a thoughtful card, write a personalized message and even ship it out for you.  

There are even services for non profit direct mail, helping non-profit organizations send hand written, personalized thank you cards to all of their donors.  

Technology is incredible, but it has felt like it’s taken us further and further away from the good ole days of hand written thank you cards, letters and notes.  Until I found services online that are doing their part to help keep this beautiful and very personalized practice of writing letters alive!  You may not have much time to sit down and hand write all the letters you’d like this year, but luckily, there are great companies out there to help you make the kind of impact you desire, without taking too much time from you busy schedule.