Prepare for 1- to 3-week Wholeness, Yoga Cultural and Adventurous immersions at unique destinations around the world.  Since 2012 (with the exception of 2020 and 2021),  Krista has organized, directed and taught yearly (sometimes biannual) Ashtanga Yoga Cultural Adventure Retreats at various locations around the world.

Krista found yoga in college while earning her undergraduate degree in Anthropology and Classical Studies, with a minor in Archaeology.  She fell in love with traditional yoga practice, steeped in history, language and culture; the skills needed to advance one’s practice; the humility, dedication and devotion to bring your body, mind and breath to your mat day in and day out, regardless of weather or schedule or what your body or mind wants; the euphoria and peace each day one works on their practices.  Due to a turbulent and traumatic childhood, Krista suffered from anxiety her entire life – yoga was a balm for her anxiety and depression. She nurtured this natural treatment and cure every day for years. Over time, it became a deeply-rooted passion that led to a life path and a career.  She is still very much a student of this practice, and of all things life has to offer. She remains a student of the entire world, having worked hard to tie her education and passions for knowledge, culture, history, wholeness, self-care, accountability, perseverance, anatomy, nutrition and mindfulness, to create unique and unparalleled yoga and meditation and mindfulness retreats that also weave in culture, history, adventure and travel.  She is proud of the offerings she creates every year, and looks forward to publishing her plans for 2022!  Stay tuned! In the meantime, feel free to take a peek at the retreats she’s put together over the years by clicking here.

Turkey Retreat 2022 – OCTOBER 1 – 15, 2022