Fridays have become a product education day at Olotita and today I want to tell you about the incredible sandalwood refreshing toner that I created in my kitchen in 2020 during Covid lockdown.

I only use natural ingredients in products I put on my and my sons skin, and I played with countless different recipe ingredients until I found the perfect blend of benefits, texture, consistency and smell.

And thanks to friend and family who love these products too, I’ve worked hard to bring these all natural face products to you! Sandalwood Refreshing Toner comes in Amber glass (please only use glass for your face products!) because it helps maintain the quality of the product so it helps it last longer. And for our products, and any that feature essential oils, it is important to use glass so that pure essential oils cannot pull the plastic into the product. We do not put fillers, or extender oils or other types of preservatives into the product.

Each toner is handmade with love in orlando Fl! I make each and every bottle in my kitchen! This and all the products I make are created with you in mind. I will never use anything thats harmful to your skin and I will always use products that come from nature.

Sandalwood Refreshing Toner features frankincense, lavender, grapefruit, cedarwood, geranium, sandalwood, witch hazel, 6.0 PH balanced water, vitamin E, and green tea. This toner is perfect for all for your skins types. This nourishing and hydrating toner leaves your skin feeling fresh, calm and rejuvenated. The properties in sandalwood help protect your skin from irritation and balance your skin, tone and oil production. Sandalwood is also known to improve the texture and look of your skin. AND, you’ll also receive all the aromatherapeutic benefits of each and every one of the essential oils featured in Nysa’s face toner!

If you are like Rachel and I, and you are working to eradicate anything unnatural from your life from the things you put on and in our body to the things that you inhale, check out Nysa’s chemical free, all natural refreshing toner. It comes in 4oz and 2oz sizes.

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