Ashtanga Yoga Tutorial: Seated Postures for improving your postural alignment on and off the Yoga mat

Welcome back to Olotita’s Yoga Asana Series! Today is Video #22 of our Yoga Series.

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Ashtanga Yoga Seated Sequence

Today is such an exciting day because you are officially beginning the seated sequence in the Ashtanga Yoga practice.  This sequence is called the Primary or first series, known as Yoga Chiktsa or Yoga Therapy!  This means you’ve completed all the standing yoga postures in this practice, and are ready to explore moving and breathing with your body on the floor!

Last week we took a deep look at the concept of Vinyasa, or breath with movement.  It is important to understand the term Vinyasa at this point in the practice, as I’ll call it alot between seated yoga poses.  Therefore, be sure to refer back to video #21 for a full tutorial of Vinyasa.

Video #22 of our Yoga Series we explore Daṇḍāsana, or Staff posture; and Paścimottānāsana or seated forward bend stretch posture. These are the first two seated poses in the primary series and they help set the tone for the postures that follow.  Thus, it is imperative that you focus on alignment of your limbs in space.  Correspondingly, focus on where to push and engage and look, and how to move with your breath.

Posture Variations

I’ll demonstrate these postures in a modified form so it is easier for newer students to begin to access these poses.  I’ll then demonstrate the asanas in their full or final expression.  This will help you determine where to start.  In turn, you’ll begin to understand how the postures will look and feel when your body opens from your consistent practice efforts.

I am so proud of you for making it this far in the video series.  Emphatically, I’m extremely proud of your efforts to create a home based practice for yourself. Keep showing up to your mat!  Continue taking this time for self care, for wholeness practices that are here to help you live your best life.

Each tutorial video is here to help you go a little deeper in your understanding of the body mechanics of the movements, and your own body in space. 

If you are brand new to yoga, you are at the right place!  And if you have an established practice, I will be sure to share a few tips that help you take your practice to the next level.

Krista Shirley

Krista Shirley is a level 2 authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher and the founder of The Yoga Shala in Winter Park, Florida.
Krista’s dedication to her personal yoga practice shines through in her teaching. Her energy is contagious and inspiring! Krista specializes in meeting each student where they are.  She helps students create a habit of daily practice, learn the sequence of asanas and work towards physical mastery of the postures.  But what’s more, Krista also helps each student go inside themselves to truly integrate the body and mind.  In turn, it helps her clients let go of the things in their lives that no longer serve them.  Krista is here to help you begin or advance your Ashtanga Yoga journey and looks forward to sharing this transformational and enriching practice with you.

If you want to join Krista in person she teaches daily classes in Winter Park, Florida.  She will also be leading a Yoga Retreat through Turkey October 1-15, 2022.  Krista offers virtual sessions in Yoga, Meditation, Breath-work, Nutrition, Life Coaching and Mentorship.  Check out for more details.

Nysa Product Line

In today’s video Krista talks about the newest essential oil roller blend she created for her Nysa product line.  Her “Make It Happen” essential oil roller is made with a blend of the purest essential oils available. If you’d like to order your own Make It Happen Essential Oil Roller by Nysa, you can do so by clicking here.

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