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A Message from Krista

Everything I use in my own life I consciously seek out, based on the tremendous time I’ve devoted to researching, comparing, experiencing and analyzing how products affect my body or mind. This storefront provides links to products and brands I personally use in my wholeness regimen. Not all brands or ingredients are the same. You should learn to know the difference.

If you are a current client, you will find links to products I suggest you consider, or brands I have encouraged you to learn about in your quest for greater mastery over your own health and wellness. If you somehow stumbled upon this page … welcome! I strongly encourage anyone interested in supplementation to thoroughly research products, brands and side effects of each and every supplement they might add to their daily routine to optimize some aspect of their wholeness.

I have devoted my entire life to educating myself and others about all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness, to truly understand what it means to be whole. I joyfully live with a mindset that I am forever a student, and never a master, of any pieces that make up the Whole, or Wholeness, I seek to experience in daily life. I take accountability for my choices regarding my body, my mind and my soul – the good and the bad. I consider myself an experimenter in my own life on earth, and have and will continue to seek out knowledge to deepen my understanding of how to have the most optimal, most whole human experience possible in this body and on this planet.  If you’d like to learn more about me, or are interested in scheduling a nutrition education or wholeness education consultation, please visit

Why Amazon? Once I’ve done all my research, I know what I want. I’ll take all the time needed to research and, when satisfied I’ve found what I seek, research the most convenient way to obtain it. For many years I would go to different websites or retailers each month to get my supplements. Often I would try to buy in bulk due to the shipping cost and inconvenience of having to invest time each month contacting or re-ordering products. So, as you might imagine, I was one of the very first adapters of Amazon Prime baby! Ah ha! I really do love Amazon, starting from the old days of just slinging books, when I spent all my money with them then, too!  I love convenience. When I know what I want and, being it’s 2021, I can get so many more products from them than years past. The ease of one-stop, auto-shipment, and shopping is really quite divine!  All items I personally use and purchase through Amazon are on its auto-subscribe and save program. I love not having to think about re-ordering the products I swear by each month. It’s a neat perk that shipping is free and the products are discounted, but for me it’s the convenience. If only Amazon carried all the Young Living products I consume monthly, I’d literally do all my shopping there. Luckily, Young Living also offers an auto-subscribe and save program for all my toxin-free products such as dish soap and body wash, essential oils and toothpaste, body lotions, some supplements, laundry soap and more. They also offer free shipping, along with a 24% discount and free products each month.  Both platforms are AMAZING. I’m so thankful they exist, to get the natural products I seek in my quest for optimal or whole living.