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Hello friends and welcome to the Young Living essential oils and natural products page of our Olotita website!  If you are looking for more education, or you are wanting to get started on a new journey with your health and wellness through the vehicle of natural living, you have come to the right place!

Young Living is a natural products company, and one which is a vital tool for me and many of my clients to more fully embody and embrace natural living on a daily basis.  I get everything I can from Young Living, from my dish soap to laundry soap to toothpaste, my sons vitamins and body wash and deodorant as well as most of my dog care needs; many of my vitamins, ALL of my essential oils, body lotions, makeup, cleaning supplies and more.  I know this company stands behind their seed to seal promise ensuring they provide the purest, most natural ingredients from when they plant the seeds for the herbs and flowers and trees and bushes that will be turned into oils, to the diffusion process of extracting the oils, to the production process of turning those oils into singles or blends or making household daily products I can use.  I know that Young Living has my back from seed to seal and all the way to my door step. Young Living has the highest quality standards, and when it comes to my family, that is what I value above and beyond anything else!

If you are interested in learning how to transition into a thriving natural lifestyle with less toxic chemicals permeating through your home, your body and your life; if you want to educate yourself, empower yourself and take accountability for the items you use every single  day and know which products are full of cancer causing ingredients and which ones are made with environmentally and human friendly ingredients; if you want to educate yourself on how products might affect you or those you love, I invite you to contact me for a personal consult (link to wholeness education page) or click the link below to go directly over to Young Livings website to order your Young Living starter kit today.

What is Young Living?

“We are distillers and dreamers, creators and caretakers, farmers and family. We uplift and enhance lives around the world through nature’s living energy—essential oils.”  Young Living

Young Living is a toxic free, natural products company built on morals, high standards, high quality ingredients; driven by a desire to empower people and protect the planet.  To learn more about Young Living please visit their website:

How do I start building up my knowledge base about toxic free living and where the heck do I even begin with switching and ditching the toxins in my home for natural ones?

I know it can be an extremely overwhelming feeling to think about what kind of toxic ingredients might be looming in the products you are currently applying to your face or body, your hair or your loved ones; your dishes, clothes, your pets.  Once you do start to investigate, you will likely be upset, feel lied to, violated.  And where do you go from there?

I would suggest you go over to Young Living’s website and walk through the steps of getting one of their many starter kits; there are a large array of beginner options to choose from, from their essential oils starter kit to their cleaning supply Thieves bundle, to their CBD oils starter pack and more.  Once you pick the kit that most interests you, designed to help you get your feet wet with Young Living products, you also unlock your lifetime membership with Young Living to enjoy 24% off every order you make moving forward; regardless of if you opt for their customer appreciation programs or not.

What is the purpose of a Young Living Starter Kit?

The idea here is that you need more than one or two products to begin making and seeing changes in your life by making the switch from products that are made with chemicals and cancer causing agents, to those made with natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils.  So, once you get your kit and start using it, you will be able to see and feel the effects of your efforts of devoting more time and attention to the products and ingredients that you use each day in and on your body and in your home.

What do I do once I order a kit?

If you use this link to purchase your starter kit with Young Living, you will become a member with Young Living, which is one of many perks of ordering a kit when you start with Young Living, for it gifts you a distributor discount of 24% on any order you make with Young Living moving forward.  By contrast, should you set up an account with Young Living and order one single oil or a bottle of Ningxia, you would pay retail price for those items.  However, by beginning with a starter kit as a Young Living customer, you unlock that discount and it never costs you a dollar.  If you do not order for a full year your account goes inactive until you choose to use it again, and once you do you get to enjoy your previous membership perk.

You can always choose to sign up for Young Living customer appreciation monthly subscription service at the time you sign up for your starter kit, to enjoy bigger offers of gratitude like free gifts each month and points for money spent to be used for future products to yearly thank you gifts, and if you are committing to make this change to a more natural lifestyle I do suggest you go ahead and sign up to earn points on your first order and every order moving forward; but that is something you can not only sign up for anytime, but also cancel anytime so its there for if or when you decide to devote more of your time and energy into natural living.

After you have ordered you will get an email from Young Living, and myself, welcoming you to our natural community of like minded souls.  I will always be available to assist you to any degree you wish regarding essential oils, young living and anything related to wholeness!

Once you’ve been using your new kits contents, you can work to slowly learn bits more each day and make a plan with what you might want to try or switch in your home next time you choose to order.  And it goes like that.

Do I have to order monthly from Young Living?

Never is there any obligation to order anything from Young Living; simply additional savings and rewards for those customers like myself, who joyfully and thankfully choose to purchase all we can from a company like Young Living.  And those who do typically spend $50 or more monthly with Young Living are all encouraged to sign up for the monthly subscription program that offers rewards points for free products, as well as free monthly products for those signed up on the monthly subscription program.  It’s just extra ways Young Living takes care of their customers.  Should you get to the point you are contemplating ordering a starter kit or opting to take advantage of their monthly subscription service, I am more than happy to help with the process or to answer any questions that you might have.

Where do you come in with Young Living?

Young Living is set up in such a way they do not advertise like traditional product companies with huge marketing budgets.  Instead everything is grass roots, word of mouth, or network selling.  Just like you recommend restaurants or hair dressers or yoga studios to your friends: they must eat at x restaurant because their food is divine, or they definitely should never step foot in that place because its so dirty; or your friend tells you that you need to call so in so to do your lawn because he’s the best, or make sure you never call so in so because he does a terrible job!  Young Living gives back to the people who share their passion for these products instead, of budgeting huge amounts of money towards commercials or google ads or radio spots, etc.  Thus, if you choose to use the link provided to order your kit, you will register under myself, and I will become your sponsor.  I would love the opportunity to assist you in your quest towards more natural living, this is one of many ways in which I can offer assistance towards your quest for natural living.  I am always just an email away.


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