Blue Tansy Facial Cleanser is the newest and most exciting Nysa face product, featuring Blue Tansy essential oil.

Birth of Blue Tansy Facial Cleanser:

Krista created this face wash at the beginning of 2020 for herself.  She was in an arm sling and isolated at home and it was hard to get anything shipped to you without an insane delay.  Krista has always bought the best and most natural skin products available.  She always wanted to ‘find the time’ to play with her essential oils and create some of her own products.  Its just that up until her nerve and muscle damage and Covid, she didn’t have that time.

But once she found herself with some time, she spent over a month playing with different natural ingredients until krista found the perfect combination for her, her skin, and essential oil benefits she wanted for my skin and whole body.  She began using it for her face and had incredible results.  She then made little gifts for some friend and family who fell in love with them too.  Before she knew it people wanted more and she loved making it.  Thus, Nysa’s face wash was born.

Blue Tansy Essential Oil:

Blue Tansy is an incredible essential oil.  A few drops of distilled oil from this powerful little flower helps with acne, anti-histamine properties, inflammation and anxiety, among other incredible benefits.

It is most commonly used to help calm irritated skin, and reduce heat.  But Blue tansy is powerful for clearing congested pores, killing pimple-causing bacteria, and reduce redness on the skin.  I found it to be the most important ingredient in my face wash for my combination oily skin and for my acne.  But this particular essential oil is also used in traditional Chinese medicine, as an antihistamine, for nasal congestion.  

I wanted to see if washing my face daily with added blue tansy helped with that, and it sure does.  Plus, the cool, blue color and subtle fruity aroma of blue tansy aids in managing the body’s natural reaction to stress. As an oil I often diffuse during work and study hours, as well as at the bedside to promote a good night’s sleep, I wanted my body and mind and my skin to enjoy all the benefits of Blue Tansy as a daily part of my face wash regimen.

Blue Tansy all natural Face Wash:

Every-time I wash my face with Nysa’s facial cleanser, I know I’m enjoying the physical benefits of blue tansy essential oil, as well as the mind calming benefits of blue tansy.  With the positive feedback from people like my business partner Rachel, we have worked hard to make our face wash available to you too!  To maintain the standards I hold for myself for all natural, pure, and no plastics, each bottle of Nysa’s face wash comes in an amber glass bottle to maintain the freshness of the distilled oils and ensure plastics do not leak into the product, and each and every bottle is handmade with love by me :)

Facial Cleanser Information:

Castile Soap, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Castrol Oil, Citric Acid, Rosemary Extract, Jojoba Oil, Rosewater, Lavender Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Blue Tansy Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, as well as Vitamin E, this is 100% natural ingredients for your 100% beautiful skin.

Available in  8oz glass bottle or 2oz travel size glass bottle.

Nysa by Olotita Skincare Line:

All of our face products come in amber glass, because it protects the ingredients that you spent your money on from getting damaged or rancid. Since there are no fillers or preservatives in this product, it is essential that we maintain its natural freshness as long as possible and the amber glass helps do that. Furthermore, plastic is something you want to avoid at all cost, if possible, because you are indirectly ingesting that plastic. It doesn’t matter how good the plastic is, overtime that seeps into your water. When it comes to face products with essential oils in them, the oil can literally pull the plastic from the bottle and into the product itself, then that plastic is applied to your face.

Rachel and I are doing our best to age gracefully. We have long known to avoid products with harmful preservatives and fillers and pesticides and chemicals.  We all battle enough skin damage from the sun, pollution, medications, etc that adding the use of chemical laden face products add more damage to the skin.  I want to protect my skin as long as possible because the aging process is, well, painful.  And I encourage you to start looking at the ingredients on the product labels of you skin care, hair care, body care products in your bathroom.  Tip:  If you can’t pronounce it, its a red flag its not natural.

I treat every bottle and Rachel and I treat every customer like we treat ourselves, with the upmost respect; like family.  And just like family, you deserve the best.

I invite you to learn more about Blue Tansy Facial Cleanser, or purchase your own bottle

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