Can you get up again and again after you’ve been knocked down so many times?

Can you show your face to the world again after you’ve fallen into the depths of the darkness?

Can you look at yourself in the mirror, at your grotesque scars, after your body has been cut into over and over?

Can you rebuild your life after you’ve lost absolutely everything?

Can you find the strength to carry on even though you can’t go back to the person you once were?

Can you find the confidence in yourself again, after losing everything that gave you that confidence to begin with?

Can you forgive all the people who abandoned you when you were at your lowest? 

Can you remember how amazing you are, even though you feel like the world gave up on you?

I hope you can. I didn’t think I could either… for a long while I lost faith in myself, my decisions, modern medicine, people I thought cared for me… 

I remember a point when the pain and dysfunction had gotten so bad, I was so debilitated, so scared, so alone, and so lost…and I remember thinking there was no way it could possibly get any worse! And then it did. It got so much worse…

If it weren’t for the souls that refused to give up on me, I’m pretty sure I would have given up for good. But with their help I was able to tap into my inner strength…I thought it was long gone, but I realized it never left me. I just had to remember I could! 

#canyou #yesyoucan