Cappadocia is an incredible historical region in Central Anatolia.  Cappadocia means ‘the Land of Beautiful Horses’ and since 300 BC this name has been relegated to the inland province, sometimes referred to as Upper Cappadocia or Great Cappadocia.  We know from Herodotus’s writings of the Ionian Revolt in 499BC that the Cappadocians occupied an area from the Taurus Mountains to the Black Sea.

The name Cappadocia has traditionally been used throughout history by Christian sources, and continues to be used today relating to international tourism.  Our earliest known record of the name Cappadocia comes from the late 6th century BC inscriptions of the Achaemenid kings, Darius I and Xerxes.  

In the biblical book of Acts 2:9 the Cappadocians were listed as a people who heard the Gospel from Galileans on the Pentecost, after the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  The area is also mentioned in the Talmud, Ketubot and the Jewish Mishnah.


It was during the rule of later kings of the Persian Empire that Cappadocia was divided into two governments, whereby Cappadocia became the inland portion of the region and Pontus detonated the rest of the region.  

Present day Cappadocia is located in eastern Anatolia, in what is now known as Turkey.  This region has incredible natural wonders and an exciting cultural and historical heritage.

For those history and adventure buffs out there, we will be exploring as much of this region as we can during this year’s Adventure, Yoga and Meditation retreat through Turkey!  On October 11th, day 11, we will start our day with yoga and meditation in beautiful Pamukkale! After breakfast, we will drive to Cappadocia via Konya to visit the Mevlana Museum, from the 12th century during the Selcuklu Empire in Konya. We will have to opportunity to visit the Old Medrese and Tomb, and in the museum we will see the handwriting which the KURAN comes from in the 15th century. On our way to Cappadocia, we will also get to visit Sultanhan Kervansarai. It will be an incredible day of exploring this beautiful region and all its culture, heritage and gorgeous natural wonders. After our tour of Cappadocia, we will make our way to the hotel in Cappadocia. Overnight in Cappadocia.

(Breakfast, Lunch and Hotel Dinner)

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