Up until early 2017 I thought essential oils were total crap!  I’d tried a few here and there through the years, I’d been gifted some from clients and students and had bought my own from Amazon and other shops to try again and see if my thoughts about them had changed.  I tried oils from several different brands, but all would say 100% therapeutic essential oil, so I figured they were all the same.  I really could not get into oils, they often felt yucky when I would put them on my skin, the smell didn’t last that long, and the only ‘benefit’ I seemed to get from the oils I’d apply to my skin was an unwelcome headache.  So I gave up on them time and time again.

Until 2017…I flew to Texas to teach a workshop and the studio owner and many of the teachers at Super Yoga Palace were really into essential oils.  I remember walking into the studio and noticing how lovely it smelled.  And when I was taken to my room for the next few days, I was welcomed with a diffuser emitting a lovely smell.  But what startled me was how much anxiety I had had before I walked into that room, and how little I had less than a minute later when I inhaled some of the oils being diffused.

All weekend I was surrounded by these incredible essential oils.  I noticed my mind was so calm and I slept like a baby.  Over the course of the weekend I learned that the oils used at SYP were Young Living essential oils.  Near the end of my weekend of teaching, I asked the owner to help me purchase a few oils so I could start using them at home.  She was delighted to direct me to the website, and she spent time educating me about the company and why their oils are so different….

In order for any company to label a bottle 100% therapeutic grade A essential oil, it only has to have 5% essential oil in that bottle!  Can you believe it??  I couldn’t.  I was disgusted.  But, it did explain why all other oils I’d tried up to this point were crap…The bottles were filled with crap!  Crap like hexane that is known to cause cancer.  Crap like rubbing alcohol.  Crap like fillers and extenders.

To learn more about the world of essential oils, the history of oils, what they are made up, the different grades of oils available and more, tap here to watch the video I did to help you have a greater understanding of the world of essential oils.

The studio owner helped me set up my Young Living account and place my first order for a starter kit of 12 everyday oils and a diffuser and it even came with some samples of ningxia (an incredible anti oxidant drink) and some samples of thieves household cleaner.  She also gave me some links to learn more about Young Living and the purity promise that Young Living lives by, they call it their seed to seal promise.  You can check that out by tapping here.

I started using their essential oils and other natural household products like dish soap, laundry soap, body wash, shampoo, toothpaste and more.  Over time I slowly started to switch out any and everything I could for all natural young living products and essential oils.  It took me a long time, but its one of the best things I have done for myself, my son and my dogs! Yes, they have an animal and kids line too!

If you are interested in making some healthy changes to your life but now quite sure how, if you are ready to make changes but feel overwhelmed as to where to begin and what to do, if you are curious but lost as to how to get started, you are not alone I promise!  But the great news is that it is really quite easy to dip your toe into the world of essential oils, and Young Living makes it even easier.  I always recommend people start by just starting, ie. jump in head first and pick a product or several to start implementing into your life.  As you run out of other items, when its time to replace them do so with a young living product.  Or, do what I and most newbies do and order yourself a starter kit from Young Living with 12 everyday oils and a diffuser so you can really work with and use these oils in different ways, make blends, apply to your skin and diffuse them, learn about them and see and feel how they work and help support your body and its systems.  No matter how you start, just start!  It is something you will never regret doing, only regret not having done sooner.

If you would like any guidance as you enter the world of essential oils, Rachel and I are here to help you!  Feel free to message us and we can help you place your first order.