Hello beautiful souls ✨

Im coming at ya today to share a little inside scoop on fish oil! I know I know, you’re thinking why Rachel? I hate those things it smells funky and gives me fish burps so whats the big deal? Well…. Here’s a different look into fish oil, first of all the biggest objection i hear is about the taste, smell and burps. What if i told you there was a way to avoid all of the above?

Here’s my big secret 🤫

FREEZE your fish oil.

Yes its that simple and cost effective. When your amazon order comes in, toss your fish oil capsules into the freezer. Take the amount necessary out for your daily dose 💊 and voila problem solved 😉

Now that we got that part taken care of; lets talk about the benefits of taking fish oil with omega 3 fatty acids. Number one for me is heart health & this is a hot topic lately so just know studies show that people who consume fish oil and more fish in their diet have a lower rate of heart disease ❤️

There are so many benefits to taking fish oil, just to name a few. Brain health, eye health, reduce inflammation, support healthy skin, aid in reducing liver fat, aid in symptoms of depression, may improve asthma symptoms & allergy risk, bone health and more….

Now it is important what type of fish oil you consume or in other words the quality.

Krista shared the fish oil she is currently taking, onnit joint oil, https://amzn.to/3Gyvabv and after doing a bit of research found I have confidence this is the best fish oil supplement.

Best part, its super affordable and easy to order.

Head over to Kristas amazon storefront by tapping the link and purchasing Onnit Joint Oil https://amzn.to/3Gyvabv

My personal recommendation would be to take it after breakfast with food. This is how i have found my body best responds to fish oil and maybe itll help you too 😉