I AM Meditation

One of the best tools for my life is meditation. I sit everyday anywhere from 10-60 minutes. It centers me, helps me focus and helps me be present and connect with myself and the world around me.

One of my favorite meditation techniques is I AM meditation. Super easy try this:

Time: Start with 5 minutes and work up to 20 over time. Ideal if you can do first thing in the morning to start your day in an extremely positive way. But, can be done absolutely anytime and several times throughout the day (I often do 🙂

I AM: Repeat in your mind over and over, “I am…” (healthy, happy, prosperous, positive, grateful, mindful – whatever it is you connect to today, whatever you might want to work on or let go of or manifest). At the same time work to manifest the FEELING of feeling healthy or happy or prosperous. Create the feeling and the belief that what you seek is already here, you ARE healthy, happy, prosperous. Not that you want to be this, but instead that, you indeed ALREADY are. Do this until all thought and feeling falls away. When thoughts come allow them to pass by and return to the I AM… until your alarm rings. Then, take THAT positive energy and focused connection and deepening belief and steadfast conviction into your day with you.

Tip: Set an alarm on your phone so you can sit quietly with your eyes closed concentrating on mediation, without the urge to peek at the clock to see how long you’ve been sitting.

Suggestion: Hold an object in each hand that has some sentimental value to you. Your hands will subconsciously trace the objects in your hands creating a deeper physical and mental connection to the object. When they are meaningful to you it assists in relaxing the body and mind and taking you deeper into your seated practice.

Meditation is a huge part of my daily practice and I am grateful to have a seated practice. I’d love to help you too! If you have any questions about mediation feel free to message me and I’ll offer anything I can to assist you in your meditation.

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