I have been teaching Yoga Workshops both nationally and internationally since 2011.  Of all the ways I am able to share yoga with the world, workshops are one of my absolute favorites because I gets to spend an immersive weekend with yoga students who are curious enough about deepening their yoga practice to carve out time from their busy lives to spend a weekend delving into the subject!  Typically, in one my weekend workshops, we spend Friday evening immersed in a workshop topic, Saturday morning Yoga class (Mysore or guided Primary), Saturday afternoon workshop session, Sunday morning Yoga class (Mysore or guided Primary) and a Sunday afternoon workshop session.

Workshops range from body mechanics, breaking down the postures in Primary or Second series to explore how to go deeper or master the posture, or how to adjust in the posture; to workshops on specific areas of the body such as your Latissimus or Psoas, to learning how to work more safely and efficiently with your spine as you move through space, to Pranayama and Meditation, to workshops on natural living and essential oils, to figuring out how to create and maintain a yoga practice as a busy parent and so much more.

I’ve been so blessed to have the honor of teaching at Yoga Studios and health centers in Florida, Tennessee, Ohio, Chicago, Baton Rouge, Washington DC, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Mexico, Panama, Dubai and many other incredible places with amazing people curious about yoga.  For many years I ran my own yoga studio in Orlando and traveled to teach workshops on weekends throughout the year.  I genuinely loved my local students and the work I did near my home, but I also loved to get to travel most weekends to spend time with students elsewhere, getting to take them deeper in different aspects of Yoga.  When my 2 year medical nightmare began, I lost the ability to travel and teach and then teach altogether for a while.  Covid 19 came into the picture months into my own personal nightmares and further derailed travel teaching.  From both a personal perspective and a physical one, I didn’t know if I’d ever get the honor, privilege, joy of getting to hop on an airplane again to go teach a weekend of yoga to like minded souls thirty for more knowledge.  Nor did I know if I would EVER be physically able to plan and lead a yoga retreat to another country again.

With a whole lotta faith, prayer, meditation, physical therapy and acceptance, I now know that I can and absolutely will teach workshops and retreats again!  I’ll be traveling to Washington DC April 22nd to teach my first yoga workshop in almost three years!  Woodley Park Yoga in an Ashtanga Yoga Shala owned by a dear friend of mine who’s been hosting me yearly since I started to travel teach in 2011.  I’d grown a beautiful relationship with some of the students that loyally dedicated themselves to their practices and would attend workshops year after year to go deeper, gain more understanding and spend time with like minded souls.  I’ve missed these weekends more than words can describe, and am beyond grateful to get to do this again!

The workshop at Woodley Park Yoga in Washington DC will take place April 22nd-24th and you can find out more and register by tapping here.

I’m also just as excited about the fact that I’ll be resuming yearly international yoga retreats this year as well! 2022 is genuinely a huge year for me :)- and hopefully for anyone who attends the 2022 International Yoga, Meditation, Adventure, Mindfulness, History Retreat through Turkey!  The retreat starts on October 1st in Istanbul.  We will spend two magical weeks traveling through seven different geographical regions in Turkey to see and do as much as we possibly can in that two weeks.  But you better believe that everyday starts with yoga and meditation practices!  I’m beyond excited for this trip and hope you’ll join me for an unforgettable two weeks of memories and magic in Turkey.  Tap here to learn more or book your spot.

And be sure to watch the Panama to Costa Rica Yoga and Travel Video Blog!  We were able to capture a bit of the essence of a yoga workshop in Panama for you to see!  And while 2015 took us to Costa Rica, this year takes us to Turkey for our International Yoga Retreat.  I hope you can join us!