I decided to become a yoga instructor because I am so passionate about Ashtanga Yoga and it felt like my true calling to share this practice and lineage with the world. It’s been more than 20 years since I started teaching yoga for a living and I absolutely love it. If you are a yoga teacher or considering this career field and seeking ways to earn additional income as a Yoga instructor, read on for my 7 proven methods to make more money as a yoga or fitness instructor.

7 tips to Earn Additional Income as A Yoga Instructor

Use these 7 proven methods to make more money as a yoga or fitness instructor:

1) Switch from paid tools to free ones 

Any yoga or fitness business requires some tools to manage it properly.  One such tool is a software to help you process your payments and allow clients to register for classes, private sessions or workshops.  This is one area I truly threw money away for over twelve years.  From 2009-2021 I spent around $2,400 per year on Mindbody software for students to register for my yoga events online, book classes, buy memberships, and pay a small portion of fees online at the time of booking. I needed a CRM to store the clients’ data and keep track of each transaction.

I always felt Mindbody was not super intuitive for staff to learn, it had way more features than my small business needs, and I also needed a merchant processor integration with mindbody, costing me additional money per month. But I recently discovered a software called Yottled that provides all of this for free. I shifted my business to Yottled and now I save over $2,400 a year on the software alone. But what’s more, Yottled allows me a way to eliminate payment processing fees entirely, which increased my profit by an additional 3% instantly.

Learn more about Yottled here.

swith to yottled management platform to save more and Earn Additional Income as A Yoga Instructor

2) Provide virtual yoga classes and online group events for yoga

For years I was weary of offering my yoga classes online.  And gosh, I wish I’d made the move a lot sooner.  I recently began offering all of my in person offerings virtually as well, and it has been the best thing for my business.

It will not only potentially more than double your income per class, but it truly solves a problem for clients who live far away or cannot accommodate the commute to and from your yoga studio to get to work or the kids to school on time.  It’s such a great way to help more people and make more money as a yoga or fitness instructor.  A true win win.

Check out the Zoom platform for your virtual offerings.

Offer online/virtual classes, private sessions and workshops to Earn Additional Income as A Yoga Instructor

3) Partner with local gyms & fitness centers

This is such a great additional revenue source and can add so much value to other venues/gyms/fitness centers.  Consider offering yoga sessions as an extra amenity for a nearby gym.  This will enhance the gyms offerings and appeal to more clients.  You can negotiate rates or profit-share with the facility.

You should also consider reaching out to local communities (apartments, condos and other private communities) with space to offer yoga.  This will help you to gain publicity among the local yoga lovers in your area, and potentially convert more clients to your other classes.

Partner with a local gym or fitness center to Earn Additional Income as A Yoga Instructor

4) Do endorsements using these platforms 

If you have at least 200+ followers on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, or even on LinkedIn, you can register yourself on these websites for free. You can browse a large number of influencer marketing projects. Some of the brands may approach you, too.

For micro-influencers, from 200 to 1,500 followers, the projects range from $30 to $100. The brands expect a social media post, YouTube video, or an Instagram reel about their products. These products tend to be yoga-related accessories, fitness drinks, or healthy snacks. These tasks are relatively easy and most of the time, the companies provide you with the material. As your audience grows, you can charge more money and choose longer and more in-depth campaigns.

Intellifluence - influencer marketing platform is a great way for yoga teachers to make additional income


5) Register your classes on yoga directories 

In the US, you don’t need any training or certification to teach yoga. But I urge you to do your yoga training and earn your yoga instructor certification from a reputable institute.  In my opinion, if you are choosing to make this a career path, invest in training and education as you would for a college degree.  It will make you a far better teacher, will help you build your reputation in the industry and help ensure you keep your students safe in your classes.

Another advantage is that well-known institutes keep a database of their students i.e., registered yoga instructors and yoga institutes. Whenever someone searches for a qualified yoga instructor in your geographical area, they’ll see your name in the directory. Not only will it help more potential clients find you, but it will also generate an aura of trust and authenticity.

For example, I did most of my training at the Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (now known as Sharath Jois Yoga Centre) and have my name registered on their official website. Anyone looking for an authorized Ashtanga Yoga instructor in Florida will find my contact details from my teachers website. It helps me to gain more clients, which ultimately accelerates my business.

Some of the other top yoga training institutes that maintain their certified students’ database are,

Get listed on your yoga schools directory to become found by more clients


6) Sell Merchandise

Consider selling yoga related merchandise such as yoga clothing, yoga mats, rugs and more at your studio and online.  If you are knowledgable about supplements or essential oils, consider carrying those as well.  And if you make any of your own line of products or design artwork, sell these handmade goods to your yoga students.  They will love using/having things you create in their home and supporting your business.

If you have space inside your studio, take the time to create a well thought out retail area to feature products.  If you don’t have a studio of your own or the space in your existing studio, don’t let that keep you from carrying merchandise.  Instead, create an online store to offer your products.  You can spread the word by telling your clients about these goods when they come to class.  Also consider creating flyers and newsletters and social posts to promote them. Check out my collection to have an idea.


Sell Merchandise in your yoga studio to Earn Additional Income as A Yoga Instructor

7) Become an affiliate or distributor for a brand you love

Are you are passionate about natural living and have some knowledge of essential oils.  If so, think about becoming a distributor for Young Living essential oils.  You can do as much or as little as you’d like, when you like, and you can personalize your message and how you share Young Living’s chemical free products with your clients.  It’s very rewarding and can be quite lucrative.  Check out Young Living hereAlong the same lines, if you love supplements or any other related product, and use products from a company that offers an affiliate program or distributor program, research becoming an affiliate and sharing products with clients and on social media.  It can become a wonderful additional source of revenue for you and your yoga or fitness business.

If you are a new teacher or yoga studio, dedicate yourself to establishing your classes, courses programs and overall business.  Once you’ve found solid footing with your primary revenue sources, you can then turn your attention to additional revenue streams.  Do your research and then get to work because there are a plethora of ways to earn additional income as a Yoga instructor.  Let me know in the comments below what ways you earn additional income as a fitness or yoga teacher.  And good luck!