In honor of Stress Awareness Day – and to aid in your continual pursuit of wholeness and self care – this week’s Nysa product highlight is our best-selling “Let It Go” Essential Oil Roller.

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Stress Awareness

Today we highlight awareness of stressors impacting our physical and mental health. Take time for self care and self love. Prioritize your mental well-being.  Take some deep breaths, do yoga, dab on some essential oils.

During Covid-19, Krista Shirley used her love of essential oils to create her very own essential oil blends.  She sourced all her products from only the best essential oils on the market. After she’d perfected the essential oil blends, she sourced the very best quality rollers available! Read on to learn more about this incredible, natural anti-anxiety aid. You might find it’s one of the best self care ideas out there!


All the anxiety you’ve been holding onto? Well, it’s time to say buh-bye.  And welcome to peace of mind. Feel yourself drawn back to the present moment each time you use Nysa’s “Let It Go’‘ essential oil roller!  Roll it on the soles of the feet, the wrists, the temples, behind the ears, or the back of the neck.


Each bottle was carefully chosen for both aesthetic appeal and functionality. Not only does the frosted amber glass maintain the integrity of the essential oils inside, it adds to the beauty of your home decor! Topped with a charming bamboo lid, each bottle has its own inspirational and beautifully detailed brass label that you can keep long after your bottle runs dry.


Lavender Oil, Vetiver Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Frankincense Oil, Geranium Oil, Jasmine Oil

Essential oils are a must-have in your self care toolbox. Be sure to check out their anxiety reducing and sleep enhancing benefits here.

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