Did you do something nice for yourself this past weekend?  I hope you did, you certainly deserve to take a little time for your own personal self-care!  If you remember recent posts I’ve done about self care, there are three limbs or branches of self-care:  emotional/mental, spiritual and physical limbs of self-care.

Today I invite you, encourage you to schedule a physical self-care ritual this week.  Literally put in on your calendar and carve out that 30-60 minutes for YOU.  I’m doing it too!  This week, I’m scheduling time for a long grounding bath!

Be sure to get the following ingredients for your incredible grounding bath:

4 Cups epsom salt

1/2 cup Bentonite clay

5 Drops Young Living Lavender Essential Oil

4 Drops Young Living Eucalyptus Essential Oil

3 Drops Young Living Grounding Essential Oil Blend

2 Drops Young Living Cedarwood Essential Oil

1 Drop Young Living Jasmine or Rose Essential Oil

Flower Petals (rose, lavender or anything you like!)

Epsom salt is the core ingredient in all of my baths because it promote relaxation and sleep, soothes sore muscles, relieves cramps, speeds recovery, and reduces pain and swelling!  And its affordable and easy to use.  

Bentonite Clay is another primary ingredient in every bath I draw for myself or my son.  Sodium Bentonite clay is volcanic ash that had settled onto the seabed, becoming compressed over time.  This all natural gem naturally absorbs toxins, due to its high colloidal value.  That’s why it is a key ingredient in many face masks.  But when you take a bath in the clay, it aids your entire body and lymphatic system to pull the toxins out through your skin.  The negative electrons in the clay particles absorb the positive electrons from the toxins in your body!  Its so cool! 

You can truly use any essential oils you wish to, depending on the effect you wish to achieve.  But I do stress that you make sure to select a pure grade A essential oil.  I choose Young Living because I know that I am getting purity in every bottle.

And if you have children, start doing this for your little ones too!  I’ve been giving my son luxurious relaxing baths since he was a little little boy and he really loves them.  I know he’ll grow up not only enjoying but also knowing how to make baths to help relax his body and his mind when he’s not feeling good or stressed out.

Your Homework: 

  • Schedule a bath time within the next six days!  
  • Make sure you have all ingredients for your bath:
    • If you don’t have epsom salt or clay, hop on your amazon account to grab the ingredients you may not have on hand; or click here to grab them.
    • If you do not have the essential oils you want, tap link in bio to learn more about purity of young living essential oils. If you have any questions or want any help navigating your essential oil journey. Email us here.  Rachel and I can help you navigate thru that journey.
    • Pick some flowers from your garden, or go buy a nice bouquet for yourself to enjoy for days before your bath, and then in your bath grounding ritual.
    • If you need a little assistance with making the time in your schedule for self-care, email us anytime!

Have a blessed day ahead!


Krista & Rachel