I make a lot of salads every week, and the salad spinner I was using isn’t eco-friendly, it didn’t get all the water off my vegetables, and ultimately, broke.  That’s when I discovered Saladzilla!

Why Saladzilla:

I was immediately drawn to Saladzilla’s commitment to sustainability.  The company shifted away from using plastics to make this product, and it has a unique and interesting design.  I was also impressed to read that independent tests against other leading brands demonstrated Saladzilla is equal or better in drying performance.


What is Saladzilla?

Saladzilla is an eco-friendly, compact, non-mechanical salad spinner that makes washing your greens simple, easy and enjoyable! Saladzilla is a high-performance environmentally conscious salad spinner that will change the way you prepare your greens. This isn’t your average salad spinner. It’s designed with sustainability, durability, and efficiency in mind.

Saladzilla an eco friendly salad spinner


Unlike traditional salad spinners that can crack or have mechanical parts that break over time, Saladzilla is made of diamond ripstop fabric. This durable material, often used in high-end backpacking equipment.  This ensures long-lasting durability. It’s tough enough for outdoor environments while remaining lightweight for optimal performance. Plus, the fabric is free of harmful chemicals, ensuring the safety of your food.

Saladzilla an eco friendly salad spinner

Why I think its better than Traditional Salad Spinners:

I love how much time Saladzilla saves me and how much fun it is to use!  My old plastic salad spinner was a pain to pull out of my cabinets.  It took a lot of time to rotate and would almost always get stuck!  And worst of all, it never got all the water off my vegetables.  When it broke, I was annoyed at first.  But I was delighted when I found a replacement in Saladzilla. 

Because Saladzilla doesn’t have any mechanical parts, I never have to deal with this Salad spinner breaking, getting stuck when trying to rotate, or struggling to clean it after I use it.  There aren’t a lot of parts to worry about cleaning.  In fact, you can clean Saladzilla by rinsing it with water when you’re done.  I find I’m actually eating a lot more greens now because I don’t dread drying them with a plastic salad spinner.

Saladzilla an eco friendly salad spinner

Greater Capacity than Traditional Salad Spinners:

And what’s more, Saladzilla offers a true 2-gallon capacity (8 quarts).  This allows you to go from less than a quart to full capacity. I was never able to wash so many vegetables at one time with my old salad spinner. Whether you’re working with chopped greens, sprouts, microgreens, whole leafy greens and herbs, even berries and other fruits, Saladzilla can handle it all. Truly a versatile product that has made preparing greens a breeze for me.

Saladzilla an eco friendly salad spinner

Portable and Lightweight:

Weighing only 3 ounces in total, Saladzilla is incredibly lightweight and portable. It uses 12 times less materials and energy for production and transport compared to traditional plastic spinners.  As someone who is environmentally conscious, Saladzilla’s focus on the environment is really important to me. By choosing Saladzilla, you’re making a positive impact on the environment.  You’re helping to reduce plastic waste in landfills and oceans, contributing to a healthier planet.

Saladzilla an eco friendly salad spinner

Compact Design:

I also appreciate Saladzilla’s compact design.  I don’t have much cabinet space in my kitchen, and I love how compact and easy it is to store this salad spinner. And thanks to its compact design, I find myself packing it with me whenever I travel so I can make nutritious meals on the road!

Saladzilla an eco friendly salad spinner

Saladzilla has truly revolutionized my salad preparation. Now I enjoy clean, dry, and crisp salads and herbs effortlessly, I have fun using the product, which has contributed to me making more salads, and I’m reducing my environmental impact. Truly a win, win win. 

I will caution you on the price.  Retailing for $64.95 it is definitely more pricey than traditional plastic salad spinners on the market.  But for me it was a no-brainer to give this product a try because I have spent far more than that over time on replacing plastic salad spinners when they break.  I am environmentally conscious, and feel my purchase of an eco-friendly product like this is an investment in the environment and one small thing I can do for our environment.


If you are in the market for a new Salad Spinner, check out Saladzilla for yourself to see if it’s a product you’d like to add to your kitchen arsenal.

Visit www.kahunagear.com to learn more about Saladzilla.