Happy Self Care Saturday!

Today I want to Focus on Vitamin C and it’s benefits! 

Based on reports from hospitals in Japan, when a patient is diagnosed with cancer patients, they give them very high doses of Vitamin C to help their bodies lower their white blood count and combat cancer! 

Life today forces all of us to be exposed to countless physical pollutants, contaminants and preservatives; from washing our face, to brushing our teeth, to washing our hair, to deodorizing our rooms, to washing our clothes.

Because of all of these pollutants, our immune systems are so deeply taxed.  But one very simple and very cheap way to combat the environmental stressors put on our immune system on a daily basis, is to do a simple thing like take a high quality vitamin C.

I am not a doctor. I can not make recommendations. I can only tell you that I definitely experience greater health and wellness by doing simple things such as invest in a supplementation regiment that genuinely helps to maximize my immune system.  As a result of my disciplined supplementation, the tragedies I’ve gone through could have knocked me out, but instead they only set me back.

So if you are someone who is battling fatigue, overall exhaustion, fogginess, lack of clear thinking, lack of sleep… a simple addition of vitamin c on a daily basis can genuinely  go a long way to help you not only avoid taking chemical prescription drugs to combat those side affects but help you find a natural rhythm, and understand your body better and the things that you can do naturally to combat such daily stressors.

If you are like Rachel and I, and are ready to take accountability for your health and wellness, first I suggest working on a supplement budget.  And the first item on that budget should be a monthly vitamin C supplement such as Earthen Liopsomal Vitamin C.

This is a wonderful Vitamin C supplement with dense nutrients that uses a new liposomal technology that allows the vitamin C to be delivered, utilized and absorbed in the most potent manner without being in liquid form.  I simply love this Vitamin C.  And, because making sure the things I consume are all natural, I appreciate that Earthen’s Liopsomal vitamin C has NO Gluten, Fillers, Soy, Preservatives, Gelatin, Dairy, Artificial Ingredients, Flavor or Artificial Coloring.  THANK YOU EARTHEN!  And thank you Amazon.  I get all my supplements from Young Living and Amazon and really appreciate that I can get all the supplements I need for myself and my son through a one stop shop like Amazon.  If you start purchasing supplements through either Amazon or Young Living on a monthly basis, check out both of their monthly auto ship and save programs.  Amazon offers 5% and more off monthly subscriptions guys, so if you didn’t know, add your Earthen Vitamin C to your amazon auto ship!  Its cool to save money and all, but what I love most is that I don’t have to remember to order any of my vitamins, like Eva! Aha.

We’ll be back with more suggestions for high quality supplementation in future blog posts, but for this week, your homework is to:

  1. Create your supplementation budget.  If you have never had a budget for supplements, you have to make one.  What can you spend each month on herbs, vitamins and other supplements to help support your precious body?  Is it $20, $50, or $100 or more a month on natural herbal supplements that are going to do things to help you live a longer, healthier, happier life. 
  2. Pick a supplement, be it vitamin c or something else, that you can buy with very little effort on your part.  This is why amazon is such a convenient option.  It could be as simple as you tapping here, signing up to subscribe & save program to have these supplements shipped to your home. 
  3. Once you get your new vitamins to start your new regiment, you HAVE to take the vitamin C supplement. I’m speaking specifically to my new supplement users out there. It does require the effort of creating a habit, of simply taking the supplement not just buying it. These are small tools for you to slowly start to make changes in your daily life that will not only help you find, but maintain the wholeness that you seek.

If you have any questions along the way, always feel free to reach out!  Krista@olotita.com.dream.website and Rachel@olotita.com.dream.website.  We are passionate about all things wholeness from yoga to nutrition and everything in between.  

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Have a blessed day,