Last October I created, filmed, edited and published a video on Olotita’s Youtube channel about  Gratitude.



This was over a year since my last surgery and six months after my old physical therapist told me to get on disability and find an occupational therapist to help me learn how to live with my disability.  I’d been working hard with my wholeness practices and Dr. Joe Dispenza’s brain science and meditation work, my new physical therapist and my own gratitude practice.  I remember when I decided I wanted to make the video, I wanted to share this information with the world so other people can learn it is truly possible to achieve unimaginable things with the POWER OF GRATITUDE.



I’ve got SUCH a long way to go before I’ll ever feel anything close to ’normal’ in my body again.  I have to do Physical Therapy 2x a week every week for years and years and years to come if I ever want to re-gain the kind of function in my limb I aspire to.  I have to also BELIEVE that what I want is truly attainable.  And every time I get frustrated with where I am right now, I remind myself of how far I’ve come, I remind myself of all that I have to be grateful for.  It’s a part of the recipe for truly attracting that which you seek, a part of the law of attraction.  And that’s yet another aspect of wholeness, being in alignment energetically with the things we aspire to become or desire to acquire or achieve.  



A HUGE part of my wholeness practices include gratitude practices.  Little things like creating the habit of journaling each morning when I wake up to give thanks for the things in my life I am thankful for or watching inspirational YouTube videos, listening to positive mindset podcasts, things like that.  Those are some of the many things I do daily to stay connected or reconnect to my own personal attitude of gratitude.  And I invite you to add my Youtube Video on gratitude to your own personal wholeness toolbox.  I refer back to it often, and encourage you to as well.



If you like the homework assignments :) then here is one for you:

  1. Watch 
  2. For the next seven days, when you wake up, lay in bed and mentally think about at least 5 things you are deeply thankful for.
  3. For the next seven days, carve out five minutes each morning to journal about things you are grateful for.
  4. For the next seven days, as you lay in bed just before you fall off to sleep, mentally think about 5 things you are thankful for from today.

And if you enjoy this week long homework exercise, do it again for another full week.  And then another.  And then you’ll have done it for 21 days, the perfect amount of time to make this one of your new wholeness habits :) 


Have a blessed day ahead!