Breathwork practices are based on exercises working with your breath to improve your physical, mental and spiritual well being.  There are countless forms of breathwork, most of which pull in components from Eastern practices like Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and others.  Given that everything in the Universe is made of energy, we use breathwork techniques to connect the body, mind and soul; between the conscious and the unconscious. Using wondrous ancient and modern breathing techniques, you can work with your breath to help you tune into your inner voice, your intuition, which will help you to energetically heal what’s broken, recover what’s missing and clear what’s blocked!  

Breathwork – an Energy Practice

While energy work was once and still somewhat is shrouded in a clock of mysticism, our modern era is bringing some wonderful things, such as the Scientific study of human energy fields, brain sciences, epigenetics, meditation, contemplative practice, natural medicine and the like.  Dr. Dispenzas work and many others are now Scientifically quantifying the amounts of energy humans are generating when they get into deep states of meditation  and open their energy fields.  We understand enough about microwaves and radiowaves and soundwaves to know that they exist even though we cannot see them and now we are beginning to truly study the science of the brain from the standpoint of its energy production, transmutation or mutation, coherence and more and we can literally measure peoples states of consciousness and know exactly when they move from states of beta to alpha or gamma!

Breathwork is a beautiful energy practice with so much depth and history and tradition and success; just like Reiki, Yoga and Meditation  All forms of energy healing work with the energy field of the human being produce very measurable magnetic and electric effects which in turn have very real and very measurable effects on the living tissue of the human body!  How cool is that! Research continues to mount showing different Hertz (Hz), cycles per second, produce different measurable effects on the body.  Science demonstrates that 2 Hz promotes nerve regeneration, 7 Hz stimulates bone growth, 10 Hz repair of ligaments occurs, and at 15 Hz capillaries form.  We can’t ignore the truth, energy is what changes or determines matter and not the other way around.  By working with energy fields with things like Breathwork, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and more you are able to change your own body’s energetic frequency so it can bring itself back into balance.  

New or seasoned Breathwork practitioner

Regardless of your previous exposure to breathwork practices, ailments you are working with, blockages you face internally and externally, or if you have fears surrounding more intuitive practices, we will work with you wherever you are on your journey and start there.  

For example, if you are brand new to any contemplative or yoga based practices, Great!  We will start you at the very beginning teaching you how to connect with your breath, how to steady your intake of oxygen and your outtake of carbon dioxide.  So first we work to allow your body to take in more oxygen than you’ve done in the past, and this in turn helps to promote relaxation, peace of mind and natural healing.  These introductory exercises not only activate the energy stores in your body, not only produce more energy for you to consume and use, but it also provides the foundation for all breathing exercises to come.  From here newer students will gradually be introduced to many more breathing techniques, educated about what they are and where they come from and why we use them as tools for life.

If you are experienced in a specific type of breathwork and want to go deeper in your practices, or if you are interested in learning new types of breathwork to add to your tool box for optimal living, we can also assist you in your journey.  Krista has worked with people from all walks of life, abilities and disabilities, professional athletes from many wide ranging sports and she loves the fulfillment of working with every kind of person in helping them achieve their goals of better physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness.

Each Session

Krista can work with you remotely or in person.  If working in person Krista will provide blankets and pillows and water for your session.  Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing and bring an eye mask, pen and paper to your sessions to take notes at the end of your breathwork session.  We highly recommend coming to your session on an empty stomach as it is easier to access the more subtle energies of the body and mind when the body is not using all of its energy to digest food.  And of course, please always come with an open mind and joy in your heart for the things you are about to receive.  If our session is remote, be sure to acquire all necessary items for your session date and time.

After Each Session

Like all other more subtle energy practices, working with the breath is working directly with energy!  It is more subtle at first, until you work with the tool and acquire the skills being offered to you.  Once that happens the energy moves from something subtle to something very powerful, very tangible.  Therefore it is only natural to want and need to express, to understand, to interpret your own emotions after a breathwork or other energy work session.

As with Reiki or Yoga or Meditation practices, you may feel the urge to laugh, the urge to cry, the urge to let go or surrender or hide or anything in between.  Take time after each session to talk, to write or do anything that helps you creatively express yourself.  Krista will give you homework exercises to work with, and in the days and weeks after your session, do practice those homework exercises consistently.  If you will invest the time to disconnect from your outer world and reconnect with your inner one via your breath, you will begin to see progress in your efforts with energy work through your breath.  And when you feel you are ready for more instruction or direction or an assessment of your progress with the tools you’ve been working on, contact us to set up another session.

Tuition and enrollment:

A remote session is $165/60 minutes | An in-person session, currently available in the Orlando area only, is $175/60 minutes  | Special pricing is available through packages and memberships in our Shop. We offer a  20% discount to those wishing to pre-pay for a pack of 10; a savings of $350.00.  We offer 10% discount for those wishing to pre-pay for a pack of 5 sessions; a savings of $87.50. 

For those wishing to meet on a regular basis from one to several times a week, bi-weekly or monthly, we do offer auto debit discounts for mentorship with Krista regarding your yoga practice and many other areas of wholeness from nutrition, life coaching, bodywork, time management, toxic free living and more.  The Discount for Krista’s Integration and Mentorship Program is 30%-32% off services.  Click here to learn more about Mentorship and the Olotita Signature Service offering.

“If you want to relax, watch the clouds pass by if you’re laying on the grass, or sit in front of the creek; just doing nothing and having those still moments is what really rejuvenates the body…”.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.