Meditation is an ancient  practice that allows a person to train their mind and body to learn how to be aware, present and attentive, learn how to drown out the distractions that exist around him to bring his focus within.  Over time and with consistent practice the practitioner achieves mental clarity, stability, emotional calmness and more as Meditation is known to help reduce anxiety and improve stress levels, improve self-awareness and creativity, and assist in providing relief from chronic pain and injuries.

In order to master a skill you must first learn one.  Then you must take that new information and turn it into real knowledge by reinforcing the information through application, review, discussion, application and more application.  This is the true posture of meditation.  In order to train the body to allow us to work with the mind in meditation we must practice sitting quietly with our body.  We must train ourselves.  We must learn to observe our thoughts and not attach to them, and we must learn the skill of non-attachment in general.  We must learn the skill of how to meditate, and given there is an endless sea of methods and teachers and techniques, without persistent diligence towards self mastery one can get distracted or disheartened or disillusioned by the sheer number of offerings to learn meditation at all.  Like Yoga, Meditation is a self-practice, and by design, the art of mastering the skill of self practice demands of the practitioner a  few simple but very important things from a potential student desirous of acquiring the skill in front of them.  

For those that wish to develop or deepen the skill of self-practice there are Three necessary criteria:

  1. The desire to acquire/deepen the skill 
  2. Willingness to learn new things, to challenge self  and to grow and change
  3. A method to follow to achieve said skill

For those brave souls out there wanting some guidance, some direction, some insight, Krista will graciously share what she knows with you, she will direct you to tools that will be of benefit, she will be a sounding board for you and answer questions you have and she will help hold you accountable for developing the self-practice skills you have come to her asking for help learning, growing and nurturing.

Krista has studied with yoga and meditation teachers all over the world from India to Thailand to Mexico and Europe and the Americas and the United States and beyond.  Until 2019 Krista dedicated herself primarily to One Pointed Focus, Visualization, Loving Kindness and Reflection meditations and applied them using many different meditation traditions.  Since her introduction to the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza in 2019 she has delved into his Science based approach to meditation and it is helping to heal her body from damage done in surgeries that she’s been told are quite literally unfixable.

Krista took time off from teaching meditation altogether so she could really go within, just be a meditation student, apply the teachings she’s been learning, work on brain and heart coherence, learn the Science behind the mind and contemplative practices.  Krista has now taken Dr. Dispenza’s intensive and progressive course, and attended two of his advanced meditation retreats and will be going to Turkey in October to attend her 3rd advanced meditation retreat with Dr. Dispenza. The enjoyment Krista gets and the results Krista is getting are truly priceless and have changed her perception of meditation altogether.  

Just like Guruji, Krista’s beloved Yoga teacher, Dr. Dispenza didn’t find Krista, didn’t ask her to learn more about his research or practices, didn’t ask her to do his courses or retreats and he most certainly didn’t ask Krista to be his meditation student.  Krista has chosen Dr. Dispenza as her meditation teacher, because she has taken the time to deeply research his teachings, to go outside of his work and compare his findings, to apply his research based practices into her life and not only is she finding healing here that she has found no place else, but the pure joy she receives from spending the time, making the time, investing the time to learn and study and practice meditation with Dr. Dispenza is simply priceless.  Click here to learn more about Dr. Joe Dispenza and his life’s work.

As a result of all Krista’s personal change and transformations, Krista has worked hard to create a new offering for her clients that are interested in learning more about meditation or deepening their existing meditation practice. Regardless of the format be it a class or workshop or part of your Mentorship or Integration program, you will learn some of the science behind the brain and our states of consciousness to better understand what meditation really IS and why one would want to cultivate the skill of meditation practice.  We will explore some of the history behind meditation and this mystical world.  We will discuss how Yoga asana and Pranayama practices deeply enhance one’s efforts into the world of meditation.  We will discuss the work of Joe Dispenza and why Krista has chosen him as her meditation teacher.  We will also finish each session/workshop with a meditation and if there is not time to do it together, Krista will always encourage you to spend a few minutes doing some introspective journaling before you move out into your wakeful day more aware, more alive, more observant, more joyful, more purposeful and more at peace.  

Public Offerings

Meditation offerings will be in the form of workshops at this time.  Please click here to see upcoming workshops/events/classes available to register for.

In time, Krista will begin offering free based community meditation offerings as well as fee based meditation classes, both of which will accompany the other.

Private Offerings

Krista offers meditation sessions privately and these can be individual sessions or you may enjoy package discounts we offer, please see below.  Krista also weaves meditation into the programs of clients enrolled in the Signature Service Three Month Integration Program and the Mentorship Coaching Program. The Discount for Krista’s Integration and Mentorship Programs is 30%-32% off services.  Click here to learn more about Mentorship and the Olotita Signature Service offering.

Private Session Tuition and enrollment

A remote session is $165/60 minutes | An in-person session, currently available in the Orlando area only, is $175/60 minutes  | Special pricing is available through packages and memberships in our Shop. We offer a  20% discount to those wishing to pre-pay for a pack of 10; a savings of $350.00.  We offer 10% discount for those wishing to pre-pay for a pack of 5 sessions; a savings of $87.50. 

For those wishing to meet on a regular basis from one to several times a week, bi-weekly or monthly, we do offer auto debit discounts for mentorship with Krista regarding your yoga practice and many other areas of wholeness from nutrition, life coaching, bodywork, time management, toxic free living and more.  The Discount for Krista’s Integration and Mentorship Program is 30%-32% off services.  Click here to learn more about Mentorship and the Olotita Signature Service offering.

“If you want to relax, watch the clouds pass by if you’re laying on the grass, or sit in front of the creek; just doing nothing and having those still moments is what really rejuvenates the body…”.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.