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Nutrition Education


Nutrition Education


Consultation, assessment, blueprint creation, application, integration, reassessment, fine tuning, application, integration, mastery.

Whole Food Nutrition

Nutrition Education 

Food as Medicine

Oils, Herbs, Nature’s Offerings

Self-study, self-practice and self-mastery are just as applicable to learning yoga postures as they are to nutrition.  Krista is currently working with nutrition clients in a holistic fashion using food education, herbalism and habit shifts to help clients learn, practice and eventually master their relationship with food.  

Krista will educate you and help you in your efforts towards greater understanding of the body and food and how they work together to maintain balance or regain balance; or if used improperly, how they destroy each other.  Fad diets, chemical filled pills and the like do not work with your body, they work against it lowering your body’s metabolism, destroying homeostasis, spiking cortisol levels and so much more.  Krista’s goals for her clients is to gain a healthier relationship with food, arm them with knowledge about how the body works and what it needs.  Krista will assist you in crafting, applying, integrating, assessing, fine tuning, and mastering the skills of whole living using whole food nutrition.

During your initial consultation Krista will ask you many questions about your diet, lifestyle, sleep habits, stress level, what medications you take and more in order to get to know your current relationship with nutrition as well as what goals you seek to attain.   Krista doesn’t just want to give you a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be, she wants to educate you so that you understand why she makes the suggestions she does, what the right kind of nutrition is for your body and lifestyle, empower you to take that knowledge and apply it in your daily life, integrate changes slowly so you see and feel the benefits, continue to study more about health and nutrition so you can continue to slowly and steadily move from where you are now to your target, where you want to be, and do so in a way that is not only enjoyable, but also empowering, inspiring, enriching and deeply motivating as you’ll see the benefits spill into all areas of your life.  Just as with all the other services Krista offers, Nutrition Education is really all about learning the skill of self practice.  She will teach you about this specific skill, guide you in your own self-studies on the topic, assist you in your application and integration of the information, help you be accountable for the goals you’ve set for yourself, work with you to assess your progress as often as you desire, assist you in fine tuning and continuing to apply and integrate the information you acquire and she will enjoy every moment of observation of your powerful transformation into wholeness.

Consultation and Followup Tuition

Initial 60 minute consultation, and two 60 minute follow ups $420.00 (savings of $105).  Unless you opt to enroll in the three month nutrition coaching program (see below) any additional sessions you seek for continued nutrition education, assessments or programs is $90/30 minutes or $175/60 minutes. Special pricing is available through packages and memberships in our Shop.

Consultation and Three Months Nutrition Coaching Tuition:

Initial 60 minute consultation, and four (4) 60 minute follow ups $700 (savings of $175)

Click here to enroll and book your Nutrition consultation or Three Month Coaching Program with Krista.

For those wishing to incorporate additional services into your sessions with Krista and meet more frequently, from one to several times a week or bi-weekly, we do offer auto debit discounts for mentorship with Krista regarding your yoga practice and many other areas of wholeness from nutrition, life coaching, bodywork, time management, toxic free living and more.  The Discount for Krista’s Integration and Mentorship Program is 30%-32% off services.  Click here to learn more about Mentorship and the Olotita Signature Service offering. 

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