Welcome back to Olotita’s Yoga Asana Series! Today is Video 23 of our Yoga Series and we look at the next posture in the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series, Pūrvottānāsana.

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This is an eastern bend stretch or backward facing stretch.  Up until this point in the practice most of what we have done, and will primarily continue to do throughout the primary series, is forward bending.  This is the first and only posture, until backbends at the end of primary series, that we take the body backward in space and open the chest, stretch the psoas, and engage the back of the body (lats and erectors and hamstrings and glutes).  Don’t worry though, we explore many opportunities to take the body backward in space when we reach the second, or intermediate series of the Ashtanga Yoga practice!

In video #22 of our Yoga Series we explored Daṇḍāsana, or Staff posture; and Paścimottānāsana or seated forward bend stretch posture. Now we do the opposite and take the body backwards to open the front of the body.  Pūrvottānāsana is a challenging asana for many people because of how we live.  Many of us spend our day sitting in an office chair, driving, bent over.  The front of the body is often short and tight (psoas and chest muscles), and the back of the body is often long and weak.  On top of that, when you take your hands backward and open your chest, it can make the practitioner feel very vulnerable as there is no way to protect your heart.  It makes this posture challenging both physically and mentally.  So its important to take this posture in steps.  To work your way up to the full expression so you feel both physically capable and emotionally comfortable.

For those reasons, today we will explore two modifications or variations before we explore the full expression of this posture. I’ll demonstrate this posture in two modified forms so it is easier for newer students to begin to access these poses.  I’ll then demonstrate the asanas in their full or final expression, so you can see where you wish to work to in terms of how the postures will look and feel when your body opens from your consistent practice efforts.

This yoga stuff is hard because you have to commit to it for yourself, you have to show up and do the work, and you have to be consistent to see the results. Keep showing up to your mat, keep taking this time for self care, for wholeness practices that are here to help you live your best life.

Each tutorial video is here to help you go a little deeper in your understanding of the body mechanics of the movements, and your own body in space.

If you are brand new to yoga, you are at the right place!  And if you have an established practice, I will be sure to share a few tips that help you take your practice to the next level.

I am a level II authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher and I am passionate about sharing these teachings with all who wish to learn.

I hope you find this video series helpful to you in creating or maintaining your at home yoga practice!

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