Yoga is easy to love. It’s a powerful, positive force for the mind, body and soul. Once started, it’s a hard habit to break (and why would you want to?).

If you’re loving yoga, you probably crave knowledge on how to practice more, and better. Here’s a solution: Join a yoga workshop in Winter Park, Florida!

Located in Winter Park, FL, the Yoga Shala offers monthly workshops (in person and virtually) with deep dives into different aspects of yoga. If there’s an area you want to improve in – or just learn more about – these daylong sessions are prime time to up your game.

Yoga Workshops with Krista Shirley

Krista Shirley, a Level 2 authorized Ashtanga yoga teacher and head of the Yoga Shala, takes you on a multi-hour journey of guided Ashtanga yoga instruction, introduction of new concepts, and education to improve your well-being.

You’ll learn new tools to employ in your yoga practice. Gain a broader perspective on your overall health. Walk away with a fresh outlook, and renewed energy, to take your yoga workouts to the next level.

Each month’s yoga workshop covers new topics. Participants can register for the entire day, or for individual sessions.

So what’s covered?

Ashtanga yoga, of course. Other sessions might focus on breathwork, movement concepts, cleansing exercises, biomechanics, meditation, brain science … check the Yoga Shala web site, follow on social media, or sign up for its newsletter to stay abreast.

Everyone can benefit from these in-depth yoga classes. For newer students, workshops are ideal for gaining a greater understanding, early on, of individual concepts. Incorporate these into your practice, and see if you don’t master more yoga postures, sooner.

For veteran “yogis,” who might have already mastered a series or two, workshops allow the luxury of time to refine elemental skills, and pick up new tools. Greater proprioceptive awareness awaits!

Ready to go deep on the many elements of yoga … and how to live a better life overall? Visit The Yoga Shala to register for an upcoming workshop. Your love of yoga has brought you this far. Take the next step, and prepare to fall in love all over again.

Yoga Workshop at The Yoga Shala in Winter Park, Florida