Krista Shirley just published another incredibly energizing Yoga Asana Class on our Olotita Youtube channel.  It’s a great 45 minute guided practice for you to work on your body and mind from the comfort of your own home.  It’s also a great supplement when you can’t make it to class.

Guided Ashtanga Yoga Class on Youtube

Today’s guided class talks you through the Ashtanga Yoga Sun Salutation A’s, Sun Salutation B’s, all of the ashtanga standing sequence, the seated postures through Janu Sirsasana A, and a modified finishing sequence.  If you are newer to yoga, especially the Ashtanga Yoga method, be sure to check out other videos in our Yoga Asana playlist where we feature tutorial videos for each and every posture in today’s guided class.  Also, check out The Yoga Shala’s website with tons of great information about the Ashtanga Yoga practice and the Mysore method.

At Olotita we strive to make yoga accessible for everyone.  In addition, we aim to provide the highest quality instruction with modifications for every type of body, and every level of practice.  Krista’s tutorial videos truly break down each posture.  But more than that, she offers several variations/modifications for each yoga posture so anyone can develop a daily practice.

If you’d like to learn more about each of the postures in today’s guided class, refer to our yoga asana tutorial videos.  Each tutorial breaks down a specific posture or postures of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series to help you learn modifications for the full expression of the postures you see in today’s video.

Bookmark the channel and refer back to today’s guided class and all the tutorial videos as often as possible to enhance your learning experience.  The only real key to mastery over these yoga asanas is consistency.  Keep getting to your mat 3-6x a week and see for yourself how your body transforms.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is not as intimidating or challenging as you might imagine.  It’s all about how you approach the practice.  Come to your mat with an open mind, with clear intention and without expectation.  This type of yoga is meant to be a daily practice.  And each day is not the same as the one before.  Honor your energy levels, how much sleep you’ve had the night before, your focus and your breathing.  If you are able to get to your mat 4-6 days per week you’ll see that several days are awesome practices, and several are not at all.  Daily practice is not about having the most intense or strongest or ‘best’ practice everyday.  Daily practice is about getting to your mat daily to do your practice.  Just like washing your face and brushing your teeth.  To learn more about the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, click here.

Krista Shirley

As a practitioner for over 20 years, Krista has a level of mastery over the mental and physical limbs of this practice. She strives to help share her passions and knowledge with all who wish to learn.  In addition to running the Olotita Youtube channel, Krista runs a daily morning mysore program in Winter Park, Florida.  She also leads yoga workshops and retreats around the world.  And, Krista is the founder of her Nysa product line. Be sure to check back in with our channel as we post videos with Krista every other week.

Muse Meditation Headband

In today’s video Krista also unboxes her new Muse Meditation headband.  She also offers a little of her first impression with the device.  As a long time student of meditation Krista, loves adding this incredible tool into her toolbox to gain greater understanding over her meditations and brain waves.  If you’d like to get your own Muse Meditation headband, be sure to use the discount code, OLOTITA at checkout to enjoy 10% off your order. Click here to order.

Practice with Krista in Person

If you want to join Krista in person she teaches daily classes at The Yoga Shala in Winter Park, Florida. She also offers virtual sessions in Yoga, Meditation, Breath-work, Nutrition, Life Coaching and Mentorship.  Check out for more details.

Find a Teacher Near You:

If you do not live in Central Florida and want to find an authorized teacher in your area, check out my teacher Sharath Jois’ website. You’ll find a list of all teachers authorized and certified by his yoga centre in India.

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If you do not live in Central Florida and want to find an authorized teacher in your area, check out my teacher Sharath Jois’ website.  You’ll find a list of all teachers authorized and certified by his yoga centre in India.

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