Olotita’s Youtube channel just published this week’s Yoga Tutorial Video!  We are adding on to the sequence that is evolving into our personal, at home, self-paced yoga practice, and today we explore Side Angle & Revolved Side Angle Posture – Utthita & Parivr̥tta Pārśva Koṇāsana

The side angle postures are challenging and fun asanas to begin to explore.  I offer a modification and full expression of Side Angle Pose and I offer three modifications and the full expression of revolved side angle pose.  Work with your body where you are right now, and practice the modifications that will help you feel stable and grounded in your body.  As you stay consistent with getting to your mat to practice, you will be able to move from less advanced to more advanced variations of these postures.  It is a process, it is a practice, enjoy the journey!

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After today’s yoga tutorial video, begin adding these new postures to your daily practice.  Once we add several more integral standing postures, we will publish another practice along guided yoga class for you to enjoy!  Keep up the good work, stay consistent and enjoy your practice!

All the video tutorials and classes on youtube are 100% free!  And these tutorial videos are here to help you go a little deeper in your understanding of the body mechanics of the movements, and your own body in space.  Over time you will be able to do things you never thought possible.  But more importantly, you will be developing skills for self-regulation and self-care and carving out a dedicated time and physical movement practice that helps you create and maintain physical and mental health and wellness, or wholeness!

Today’s video is one of the true tutorial videos in our Yoga Asana Series.  I always recommend you watch the video all the way through the first time you watch it, so you can fully absorb the lecture portion of the video. Then, you can play it again and practice along with the concepts of movement, muscle activation, breathing techniques, etc.

If you are just joining us and would like to start at the beginning with video #1, scroll down to see the full list of Videos in the series, beginning with our foundations video #1.  Then work your way through each following video to begin learning the foundations of a Yoga practice you can learn and do at home, or while traveling; and all at your own pace.

If you are brand new to yoga, you are at the right place!  And if you have an established practice, I will be sure to share a few tips that help you take your practice to the next level.If you want to join me for in person classes in Orlando, virtual or in person private sessions (Yoga, Meditation, Breath-work, Nutrition, Life Coaching and Mentorship) or this year’s International Yoga Retreat through Turkey October 1-15, 2022, visit www.olotita.com.

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I am a level II authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher and I am passionate about sharing these teachings with all who wish to learn.

I hope you find this video series helpful to you in creating or maintaining your at home yoga practice!

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Yoga Series Video 1: The Foundation – Breathing, Bandhas, Drishti and Sun Salutation A


Yoga Series Video 2: Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga Finishing Sequence

Yoga Series Video 3: PRACTICE: Sun Salutation A & Modified Finishing Sequence

Yoga Series Video 4: Sun Salutation B


Yoga Series Video 5: PRACTICE Sun Salutation A & B and modified Finishing Sequence with Krista Shirley 

Yoga Series Video 6: How to Hold Your Spine in Space 

Yoga Asana Series – Video 7 – Standing Postures: Padangusthasana and Pada Hastasana 

Yoga Asana Series – Video 8: Standing Postures – Utthita Trikoṇāsana and Parivr̥tta Trikoṇāsana 

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